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RDH081K50V RDH081 Relief Valve

RDH081 Relief Valve

Direct Acting Relief Valve for Size 08, 2-way Cavity

Part #: RDH081K50V Manufacturer: Parker
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RDH081 Series Relief Valve - Direct Acting
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Product Attributes

Rated Flow: 1.9 LPM (.5 GPM)
Leakage: 5 drops/min. (.33 cc/min.) @75% of crack pressure
Max Pressure: 380 Bar (5500 PSI)
Operating Temperature: -31.7C to +121.1C (-25F to +250F)
Seals: Fluorocarbon
Pressure Range: 13.8 - 345 Bar (200 - 5000 PSI)
Adjustment Type: Knob
Common Cavity: Size 08, 2-way
Valve Body: B08-2
Valve Type: Relief Valve
Valve Type Detail: Direct Acting
Series: RDH081
Port: None - Cartridge Only
Common Cavity Type: Size 08, 2-way
Parker Division: Hydraulic Cartridge Systems
Parker Group: Hydraulic

Part Number Tags: N/A

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