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941030Q Original WPF Series Replacement Element

Original WPF Series Replacement Element

Parker Original WPF5 Series Patented Replacement Element

Part #: 941030Q Manufacturer: Parker
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Parker SurgeGuard replacement filter element for WPF Series World Pressure Filters with a reusable element support core that remains in service throughout the life of the filter assembly
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Product Attributes

Element Length: Single, Single
Nominal Filter Rating: 5 micron, 5 micron
Efficiency βx(C) ≥ 200: 5 µ, 5 µ
Efficiency βx(C) ≥ 1000: 7 µ, 7 µ
Collapse Pressure (bar): 20.7 bar, 20.7 bar
Collapse Pressure (psi): 300 psi, 300 psi
Filter Media Type: Ecoglass III, Ecoglass III
Seals: FKM: Fluorocarbon, FKM: Fluorocarbon
Operating Temperature: -15F to 250F (-26C to 121C), -15F to 250F (-26C to 121C)
Series: WPF1
Element Type: Coreless
Filter Media Code: 05QE
D Dimension: 1.77 in (45 mm)
E Dimension: 4.78 in (121.4 mm)
Media Composition Detail: Multilayer fiberglass with PBT mesh on both sides
Top Endcap Material: Glass reinforced nylon
Bottom Endcap Material: Glass reinforced nylon
Glue Side Seam Adhesive: Polyurethane
Glue Endcaps Adhesive: Polyurethane
Element Weight (kg): 0.44
Parker Division: Hydraulic Filter
Parker Group: Filtration

Part Number Tags: N/A

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